Sunday Reflections

Each Sunday I set my plan for the week ahead, and a major part of that planning is a reflection on the week that has been.  This reflection and self-assessment allows me to identify things that worked for us this week, things that didn’t, and why.  During all of this reflection I hold my successes and failures against my goals to ensure that I am on track.  In saying that, not everything will be completely aligned with my goals, but even if I’ve gone off track, the Sunday reflection allows me to bring it back around.  Sometimes this reflection triggers me to change my actions, sometimes it can even lead me to alter my goals, but either way its the part of my week that I will never give up.

{ Photo taken at the Cai Guo-Qiang exhibit at Queensland’s GOMA }

I was first introduced to reflection as an academic tool when I was studying education a few years ago.  There is so much evidence to support the value of reflection in an academic sense, so I figured if I applied that to my life, it could only help.  It has been something that I have always done, but not in such an organised and intentional way.


From a family perspective, reflection happens quite naturally at the dining table during the evening meal.  Enhanced, of course, if all of the children are behaving well, eating without complaint and engaging in discussion!  (No, it rarely happens at my house either, but I’m hopeful!)


Each Sunday, I will check in here at my virtual living room and post my reflections of the week that has been and the plans that have arisen as a result.  I urge to take up the habit of weekly reflection (if you don’t already) and feel free to share them in this space, or post a link to your own page in the comments.  I look forward to being inspired by you all.

Kristy xx

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